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Get a shore-based technical support for your vessel in S.O.S situations

Emergency Response Service

Ayden Marine's experienced engineers and advanced software solutions are at your service

Ship owners and operators may not have any experienced-naval architects available in emergency situations. Or, in the event of an accident, advanced computer systems used by these engineers may be out of service. Ayden Marine - Emergency Response Service member vessels will have a shore-based support team consisting of experienced engineers and advanced computer systems that can be reached in emergency situations. They will receive support from shore-based engineers on how to deal with the situation by creating an animated accident scenario of the accident. This engineer team, which can be reached 24/7, will be at the crew recommendations for the most appropriate unloading and cargo - ballast transfers for grounding or damage cases, to increase stability and residual structural strength. Our team will help to reduce the negative effects of the accident that the ship, the crew and the environment may exposure.

Collision, grounding, structural damage, cargo-shifting, stability problems etc. can be described as Emergency Situation, which will risk the vessels survivability and emergency situations can unexpectedly threaten the vessel to complete the voyage and deliver the cargo. After an emergency situation, the ship crew and the environment may be at great risk. It may also take much more time for a vessel to continue its operations and could seriously damage the shipowners or operators economy if not managed well.

Ayden Marine Emergency Response Service is helping you and your ship in this kind of crisis time, where ship crew and operator must be supported quickly in technical matters. Ayden Marine Emergency Response Service member vessels will not be caught unprepared by a team that produces and presents solutions to reduce the negative effects after an emergency situation.

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Ayden Marine

7/24 Emergency Response Service

  • As a independent company service, we can offer a flexible respond to ship owners
  • Emergency Response Team consisting of engineers that can be reached 24/7 in an emergency situation
  • Compliant with the requirements of MARPOL Annex I, Ch.5, Reg.37(4) and 33CFR155.240 (OPA’90) Regulations
  • A part of Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan(SOPEP)
  • A compatible service for all types of vessel such as oil and chemical tankers, bulk, container, car, gas and cement carriers, passenger ships. It is not restricted by vessel size, flag, age or class.